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December 31, 2013
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Her little angel by brokencreation Her little angel by brokencreation

*This is a angel. No, she isn't and angel we know it. But in my mythos and imagination the universe is so vast if there is heaven and hell, and all that jazz, then all these other races have angels in their own shapes. This is one such alien angel. Her task to earn her wings and be forever connected to a mortals soul granting them right of way to the atheirial planes of peace, her given task was to take upon herself a child. One that was not of her own kind. She never expected to be so tightly connected to her charge, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. ( so you all know i actually based him of photos of myself when i was about 8 or 9, fuzzy hair and button nose, the woiks.)*

He, sadly, was orphaned. Being a space born child he has been bouncing around from colony to colony since he was six only ever getting to take with him two bags and this one little hand held console. His only real luxury was once in a while he would a new game for the toy, and an item of clothing his parents used to wear. One was  a antique pilots jacket his dad used to wear and and a scarf his mum almost never took off. He normally keept it in his bag, scared he will look like a sissy seeing as it was neon pink after all. 
He updated every week on the dot, at the help centre where orphans put themsevles up to be adopted, putting in a new photo each time. Sometimes he was quiet creative this time sending in the cool kid photo ears his dads bomber jacket big goofy smile and goggles a-top his head. The odd looking alien male (so he assumed anyway he sees so many different aliens he isn't ever sure of their gender) smiles at him saying in his odd accent 
"I’m sure someone will see this ay kid, now go update your profile and such and head to the waiting room I will let Medjala know your on your way up okay" the boy smiled 
" Thanks Garf and headed up stares there where a couple other kids in the waiting room some even from the same shelter as he was staying at as the day went on and he had some interviews but it just seemed he wasn't the right kind of kid for allot of these couples, few where mixed race but not really accustomed to raising human children. Their high maintenance compared to allot of the other alien species out their and the puberty stage really put them off and he only has a few more years till he hits that age range, and as the other kids wonder off either back to their shelters with friends or some lucky few their new family (was a probation period with the family went under scrutiny for about a month and a half Earth Standard Time) but once again he was just sat there by himself. 
But the time passed and he got ready to leave the center as the interview times were coming to a close when a Tybailian female ran upstairs. He called them dragons because of their tall and elegant reptilian bodies. With her chest fluttering rapidly, her slender chest flexed quickly as she struggled to catch her breath., adjusting her specially designed glasses with jittery hands. 
“Oh goodness I'm sorry I’m late! I wanted to come to the interviews for adoption," she breathlessly exclaimed. The woman at the desk gave a slight smile 
"Well, we do have one little fella waiting. Cailib dear, " the semi insectile alien woman said, “We have a young lady here who wants to interview you." his face lit up with a smile that would pretty much warm anyone's heart 
"A human child! this far from their home system," asked the beautiful dragon like alien.
"Yes... poor little thing comes here every standard week to refresh his profile with a new photo so he stays high on the list," she sighed feeling sorry for him. The alien dragon met him in a very sophisticated looking suit, where they get to have their interview and he smiled up at her.
“Your a dragon aren't you," he asked excitedly pulling out drawings that looked remarkably like her. 
Just crude and simple. like most kids drawings but the resemblance was there for sure.
"What's a dragon, Calib was it," she asked politely smiling at how excited he was then looked at the drawings and seeing the markings on his little doodles where just like hers,
"Wait.. have i found th... my child?" 
"Yeah my names Calib nice to meet you pretty dragon lady, " he beamed, all bright eyed and hopeful not making the connection of her and his drawings yet.
"Dragons are these really awesome magic beings that fly and sleep in gold and... Umm well in our stories their monster... But your a pretty one!" Smiling, she reached out to pat his cheek affectionately, "That's very sweet of you Cailib. My names Adalee, tell me did you dream of this "dragon" you drew here?" 
He nodded cheerfully and looked down at the doodle, "Yeah I did about a month ago. Wait, it looks like... Are you the one that was in my dream?" 
As the realization dawned on him, the dam burst and he started telling her all these dreams he had about dragons ending with, “And ... and ... this one....was my mum...he said looking at the drawing of the dragon that he had drawn, with it’s remarkable similarities to Adalee, defined by theo fleeting memory of her real face.
The alien lay who had unwittingly spent over two hours with this energetic, happy young boy drew her in with his enthusiasm, and determination to succeed, a feeling of maternal warmth washed over her. 
A strong desire to just take hold of him and hold his head to his chest letting him hear her gentile beating heart
" Cailib. Come, I am going to take you with me." 
A huge smile lit up his face, and just as it was about to explode in completely uncontrolled tears of happiness, he grabbed an hold of her and clung like the life line she was.
"You really mean it!? " 
She stoked his head gently, holding him to her with ehr other arm, her heart swelling with affection.
"Yes Cailib, now lets pick up your bags, and we can go."
“THANK YOU ADALEE,” was all he could say before the stress, the frustration and the effort of his existence claimed him, his new mother curling around him while he cried in joy.

After the requiered probation period a social worked came to interview him, to see if his new home was suitable, and if he was happy and wanted to stay
At last, after all of his waiting, after all of his hardship, his patience was rewarded, the proper red tape giving him a second last name ' Cailib Mitchall Adalee'. 
He was now Adalee’s son, gaining regular meals, allowing him to fill out, causing him to gain weight, and he even got new clothing! And she was even taking him to register for school! After another day of preparations for improving his new life, he was so tired he struggled to not fall asleep on the transport pods, his head wobbling and snapping back to wakeful ness only to droop down again. 
Finally he lost the battle, and his mother had to carry him and his things to their home on this giant space colony, and taking him inside to place his things in his room (His own Room!)
Singing softly she released a shimmering, translucent behind her crested head and her cloths seem to just flake away, her son waking just enough to see this wondrous spectacle as mother held him with such care.
“You really are a dragon Mummy..." 
She smiled softly, kissing him between the eyes tenderly beofre speaking in a soft, gentile tone; "No, not quiet my dear Cailib. Just rest for now." 
He nodded dreamily as she carried him to her bed and held him close to her breast, feeling the small boy breath evenly. 
Gently she played with his hair as she lowered them down to lay over her sheets, cradling him close, stilling humming the little tune as he slept in her arms secure in his new life.
Then she herself, fell asleep, holding her little human boy.

the story has had a slight re write as a person less tired than myself and much better grammer went through it and changed a few bits but keeping the key story elements and developments ideas 8D 

and the lovely person who done so was :iconotakonsparadise:

GOOD GOD I CANT BELIEVE HOW LONG THAT SHORT STORY WAS FFFFFUCK once again sorry if the grammar is rather shoddy but i wrote rhis at 6 am in the morning while watching vids unable to sleep so FUCKING LIKE IT OR LUMP IT ! 

the drawing itself is just a little sketch done in paint till sia * yeah i know right me using sai *

don't remember how long it took but i hope you guys like this little doodle i threw together she may be a permanent feature 
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